LibGDX Infinite Runner Showcase Demo – Pirate RUN!

I’ve been a naughty developer and have put all my time into development… The latest demo and showcase of Pirate RUN! is up on my YouTube channel for all to see.

Check it out below. The game is still open for Alpha testing, so click on the text here to try it out (Android only – If the link doesn’t work, it’s probably moved into production.)


Major changes are the integration with Firebase and Google Games Sign-On. Lots of technical hurdles and things to watch out for there, which I probably will post on just to have it documented somewhere.

The other major change is a UI update to make the game prettier. Graphics and Presentation are after all, what games are judged on these days Рwhether we like it or even realize it or not.

Anyhow, no technical details in this blog post. I just wanted to post to break the ice yet again.

Until next time!

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