Infinite Runner Devlog #2 – Game Project Management

Game Project Management for a Solo Indie Dev

One thing I could improve on is my task management and tracking when putting time into one of my game projects. But until that happens let me share what I’ve tended to do in my coding projects.

Secondary to choosing an engine or development framework and language, there’s quite a bit of organization required to develop a game.

Introducing, the Trello Board

The most important tool for me till now is my Trello board.

I used to hate this thing because of how simple it was. There are way more complicated ticket tracking and project management tools like Jira for example. But after using Trello for a while I’m pretty satisfied with it.

Well, what is it?

Trello presents a virtual board that can be used for anything. Shopping lists, journaling, or of course project management. You click to create a ticket, you can add a title, description and other things, and then you can move it about.

I chunk work into smaller tasks and move them about like post-its on the wall. I find it great for task tracking. And the boards can also be shared, but since I’m a solo dev at the moment, I rest assured knowing my board will be found in the same state I left it.

Filling the Game Development Backlog

Here’s a video of me organizing my board for the “HappyGo Runner” project.

After planning the work, I can get to coding. How the game turns out after that point will spark the next round of iteration, where I create another round of items on the board and refine the product.

So it’s time to get coding…

Other Management Apps and Tools I Use

  • git for software version control
  • Google drive for design documents, spreadsheets, ideas
  • Dropbox for build and .apk sharing

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