Psychologist – An Animated Short: The Premiere

The Psychologist is a short film I started back in January. It’s a story about empathy and kindness. The idea came to me in summer when there were heaps of pesky insects about. Then I thought, how do those insects feel that humans don’t like them just because of what they are?

This project was meant to be an animatic or animated storyboard, which captures movement, posing and mood. I learned a lot about the technical and organisational side of putting together a film and a bit of AfterEffects. There’s a lot of logistical things I’ve learned as well which will make the next projects hopefully easier.

Thanks to all my friends for the feedback while I was making the film. In particular Greg Bemrose who agreed to collab on the voiceover. Thanks to all the feedback, the film went through at least 5 iterations including a character redesign, a new voiceover and a whole new scene at the end. It’s been good fun making it. I hope to talk about it in more of a ‘director’s cut’ at some point and maybe show the previous iterations of the film. Hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear what you think about it.

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