Doing the Work

So isolation is going on because of the big Virus. But even with all this spare time at home, I’ve been procrastinating a lot lately. I know it’s resistance. And I know it’s not good.

So every now and then I return to Steven Pressfield’s book on creativity –The War of Art. And I just remind myself to do the work.

I wish there was an app that could help with this. Something that helped put you in the seat for the amount of time you wanted every day. You’d set a countdown for each thing you needed to do and the timer would count down. Until it reached 0:00 you hadn’t ‘completed’ that task for the day. I think something that counted down my activity time would help me heaps in forging a ‘just do the work’ attitude.

I could set a work timer for the shortest time to get over my resistance like 5 minutes and just keep working even after that timer reached zero. After all, the hardest part is just getting started. It’d be a neat way to trick the brain into overcoming resistance and just doing the work.

Maybe I’ll start making something an app like this 🙂

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