Clip Studio Paint Pro

The more I’m drawing and painting digitally the more I’m falling in love with Clip Studio Paint Pro.

I’ve had the software as long as I’ve had my Surface Pro, but I used it like I used Microsoft’s Paint or That means, drawing a little, adding some layers, and maybe using the fill bucket.

But there’s so many features that makes Clip Studio Paint Pro a really awesome drawing program to use. BTW I’m in no way affiliated with the software, so this isn’t some hacky review. It’s just awesome software made especially for artists and digital illustrators, and I’m just really enjoying it. There’s also a deal going on with Wacom Intuos tablets, so keep reading to find out about that.

5 Reasons I really like Clip Studio Paint Pro

Comic Frames are so easy to create. The comic frame tool creates a masked area, and the frame divider tool can easily split that area into further layers. You can also go in later and adjust the frame locations, borders and sizes. It saves so much time.

Speech Bubbles are super easy to create too. Another tool especially for the comic creators. You can draw a bubble in whatever shape you like, and also draw tails to your characters. Then you can pop in your text and it’s just all so easy. The only drawback here is I haven’t found a way to wrap horizontal text, so I need to manually put in my new lines. But it’s not often that I have this much dialogue in bubbles anyway.

Vector Drawing makes editing lines super easy. You can create a vector layer, draw as much as you like, and then go back in with a vector eraser to clean things up. You can also make lines thinner and thicker and move them around. Just an overall awesome feature.

The Smart Bucket Fill basically colours lines for you. You can set a reference layer, for example your sketch or inked lines and just fill those in. There’s also gap detection so your lines don’t need to be perfect. This is great for putting in basic fills.

The Marketplace is a great place to find free licensed materials. Materials are things like character models, stamps and brushes, and they’re all easily downloadable and useable. Just great value.

Here’s one more for extra fortune. You only have to pay for Clip Studio Paint ONCE! Yes. And it only costs $50! That’s the approximate cost of one month of Adobe’s creative suite subscription. But Clip Studio is a one time payment for a license and the updates are frequent enough.

If that seriously wasn’t enough, you can get a Clip Studio Paint Pro license when you buy a Wacom Intuos digital tablet. As far as I can see, buying the Small Intuos with Bluetooth or the Medium Intuos gets you a license, effectively slashing the cost of those tablets by $50 if you wanted Clip Studio anyway. And it comes with two other drawing software licenses if Clip Studio isn’t to your liking. (This may not be current by the time you read, so do check what software comes with the tablet if you want to buy). It’s a great deal, and so worth it even at full price.

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